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Precision Manufactured Water Treatment Coanda Screens

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Angled Wedge Wire Profiles Enhance the Coanda Screens Coanda Effect

Self Cleaning Coanda Screen Technology

We Manufacture Precision Water Treatment Coanda Screens exploit the Coanda Effect in combination with the proven separation technology of our Wedge Wire products

Coanda Screens are positioned on the downstream face of any water intake body. The Coanda effect of a fluid tending to stay attached to a convex surface is used to filter debris from a water source in order to clean the water automatically. These Coanda Screens (Manufactured us / Gap Technology) are a self-cleaning screen with no moving parts, that have already been successfully used for the removal of debris and fish exclusion. These unique properties encompass a wide range of applications across the world including hydro-power plant intakes, water conservation schemes and irrigation programs and applicable, but not limited to:

  • Hydro Intake Screens.
  • Fisheries, Fish Farming.
  • Aqua Culture.
  • Micro Herbs / Veg.
  • River Screening.
  • Irrigation.

Environmental Coanda screens (reducing Carbon Footprint, Carbon Neutral)

Carbon Neutral Coanda Screens

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Coanda Screens are Precision Engineered
Precision Engineering

The uniformity and precision slot gap of the coanda screening area ensures high capacity through-puts and accurate removal of debris. Using a tilt of wedgewire 3 – 7 degrees and a gap of typically 1 mm our, we offer Coanda Screen selection and bespoke design for turnkey installations along with retro-fitting and replacement screen solutions…

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Coanda Screens Utilise Advanced Technology
Advanced Technology

An ogee shaped acceleration plate delivers the flow at the precise angle and velocity required by the separation area of the screen to achieve the Coanda effect. Each Coanda Screen can be produced to bespoke dimensions and specifications with optional slot gap widths, wire profiles and inclinations to maximise performance.

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Angled Wedge Wire profiles enhances the coanda effect (seen in our water treatment coanda screens) which increases the water intake throughput. The shape of which allows the screens to remain clean with little or no mechanical cleaning required. This is more environmentally friendly, greatly reduces your carbon footprint. Other than the benefits to the environment, our coanda screens have key features meaning their benefits to industry / business are an essential asset. These include: A reliable supply of screened water which increases hydro plant operating time, output and efficiency / Highly resilient screen construction is resistant to abrasive material and corrosion and Proven operational performance even at low temperatures in some of the world’s coldest environments without freezing. For more information and or enquiries, please Contact Us / Visit Gap Technology / Coanda Screen Manufacturers.